Tulathi is a young jewellery brand focused on creating delicate, chic, and contemporary pieces that seamlessly transition from day-to-day elegance to evening glamour.


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Their pieces are designed to be purposefully versatile, an invitation to play and complete your collection in a way that suits your personal style – imagine owning a piece that transforms effortlessly from a bracelet to a necklace, from a timeless classic during the day to a statement piece at night. Their designs are a nod to the Middle Eastern heritage of their founders but reimagined for a modern audience. 

Tulathi is rooted in a family’s profound love affair with fine jewellery– a legacy passed down from their mother to the founders, two sisters. This connection sparked the inception of the brand, Tulathi, a name that finds its origins in the Arabic word for ‘three’.

The founders grew up in Beirut, a city where adornment and artisanship are woven into the very fabric of the culture and jewellery is everywhere. Women wear and layer jewellery daily, mixing heirlooms of the past with contemporary pieces, a testament to the country’s rich history of jewellery craftsmanship. When they both moved to their newfound homes in NYC and London, they struggled to find fine jewellery they loved; delicate, chic, and contemporary pieces without the exorbitant markups. And everyone constantly asked where their jewellery came from! So, they decided to undertake the creation of Tulathi, to bring the middle eastern artisanal workmanship to their newfound homes. Combining Nathalie’s 6 years of experience at Cartier with Fanny’s background in Tech, Tulathi was born.

Tulathi’s mission is to craft fine jewellery that becomes an integral part of your everyday life. Their main focus remains on the core elements that truly count: quality and value. Their pieces are a tribute to the work of Beirut’s craftsmen: Each creation is meticulously handcrafted and made to order by a team of artisans in their Beirut atelier. They exclusively employ 18K solid gold so their customers know they have an heirloom that will last a lifetime (and more!). At the heart of Tulathi’s philosophy lies a strong belief that high quality should never come with unreasonable price tags. They are committed to offering pieces that are not only exceptional in quality but also transparently priced.


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