We joined Limelight last year after hearing great things from our friends and it has been a game changer! Knowing we can trust them to help with every aspect of our busy lives makes our days so much easier. Sally helps plan birthday parties, gets last minute restaurant reservations and pays our bills- all whilst saving us so much money! It’s great to know we can rely on her and trust Limelight with anything. Thanks so much!

Harry Mcguire

It’s really great to know that I can trust Limelight to shop around to find the best deal when booking holidays for me and my family. They always do their best to price match for me and can recommend the best places to eat, drink and explore as well as organising the finer details when we get to the destination. Because they work directly with so many five star hotels they also make sure we always get the best possible service.

Emma Willis

Over the past 5 years Limelight have been great. Knowing I can trust them to help with whatever I need, means I can focus on my career. Thanks so much!

Dele Alli

It’s great to know that I have Greta and the team fully committed to providing me an excellent service which allows me to concentrate on my career.

Alex Oxlade - Chamberlain

Joining Limelight has added so much ease to organising our life. Sally is there to help with whatever we need no matter how big or small. She sorts things like our birthdays/Christmas, shopping, appointments and pays our invoices. We save a massive amount on shopping through Limelight. Sally makes our lives so much easier and we couldn’t be without her now

Jordan Pickford

Juggling 3 children and busy work schedules can be tricky, but joining Limelight has made our lives so much easier. Since we became members 2 years ago, they have helped us so much! They sort out everything from restaurant bookings, to days out with the kids, plan trips away and save us a lot of money on shopping. We are so glad we joined and can’t recommend them highly enough!

Marvin & Rochelle Humes

We didn’t think we would ever use a service like Limelight, but since joining, we don’t know what we would do without them now!

We’ve enjoyed getting to know Amie, who always provides the best rates and can recommend the best places to eat, drink and explore as well as organising the finer details when we get to the destination. Thanks for everything Limelight!

Dean Henderson

The team at Limelight have organised our last few holidays and have always made sure that everything is perfect for me and the family, they’re ace! They have helped my wife to source several birthday gifts that weren’t available in this country and such. They’ve also helped organise family celebrations and generally make life easy when I’m really busy. Great service, thank you very much! Only thing they don’t do for me is read me a bedtime story and tuck me in at night. Love you guys x

Leigh Francis

Limelight is a game changer. We've made huge savings since being members. We couldn't be without them. Thanks!

Kieran Trippier

We have been with Limelight for many years now & we couldn't be without them! They make mine & my families lives so much easier. We love having the team on hand to help us with outfit planning, organise birthdays or special occasions. Limelight are always there for us & we really appreciate them.

Kyle Walker

Finding efficient and reliable people is difficult, my family and I have been using Limelight since September 2020 & If you have a busy schedule like me, I recommend you let them look after you!

Through Limelight I have arranged exciting days out with my daughter, gifts for all occasions & last minute restaurant reservations, it has been fantastic!!

Angela Scanlon

We love being with Limelight, they can’t do enough for us especially with most things being so last minute they go above and beyond to make everything perfect. From booking summer holidays to organising Christmas decorations! Our lives are so much less stressful because of Limelight! Thank you.

Luke Shaw

Having my own personal assistant has proved to be invaluable for me and my family over the 12 years we have been with Limelight.
No matter what we need Greta has always been on hand to help, whether our request has been big or small. She helped me with my Christmas shopping, sorted my kids birthday parties- all sorts. It’s really good to know we have someone office based that we can trust to help with our day to day stuff.

Ashley Young

Being in football, having 3 young children & living between two countries, life can be super stressful but having Limelight there to rely on makes life so much easier! Emma helps us with shopping for the kids, delivering Easter Eggs to Italy, organising our Christmas with present buying, wrapping & delivery - it's a great support for us as a family & we couldn't be without them!

Aaron Ramsey

Access Lifestyle

Limelight Access Lifestyle is an exclusive and bespoke Personal Assistant service designed for people within the worlds of Sports and Entertainment.

We provide a daily support to our Members and sit alongside their agents and professional team. We take care of day-to-day lifestyle requests such as travel, designer shopping, event invitations, ticket sourcing, and brand gifting as well as the more practical side of life such as providing back office support to our members. Our aim is to make sure that every member and their family receives the very best experiences and services that life has to offer.

About us

Invitation Only

To join our club, Members have to be invited or be proposed by an existing member. We only invite people with a profile within the Sports and Entertainment Industries and prefer all of our members to have a recognisable talent. In turn, this means that brands, hotels, restaurants and venues are keen to work with our exclusive and quality membership and will offer our members access to their premium services and benefits.

Limelight Access

Friendly & Loyal Personal Assistants

We were established in 2005 and, since that time, have built up a fantastic network of contacts throughout the world. We communicate with our members by phone, text, WhatsApp or email. We also regularly send out offers and benefits through our email newsletters plus we regularly blog about all the brands and venues we work with. As a result, we are the first to know about what’s hot when it comes to a new restaurant, club, hotel or product.

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