The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is a leading provider of private tuition and professional home schooling.

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The Golden Circle

Founded in 2018 by sisters Hannah and Lydia Titley, The Golden Circle is a leading provider of private tuition and professional home schooling. The Golden Circle provides access to a first class network of over 300 UK qualified teachers who have a talent for delivering inspiring lessons. Each year, Golden Circle teachers successfully prepare students for Common Entrance and 11+ exams, GCSEs and A Levels, and Oxbridge and Ivy League admissions. 

Every child is unique. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing a personalised service and creative lessons tailored to each child. Lessons are supportive and designed to inspire a love of learning. Whether they’re in person or online, we work hard to ensure that every child can achieve their academic potential.

In addition to after school tuition, The Golden Circle specialises in home schooling. We create bespoke education programmes for home school students so that children can learn at their own pace and from the comfort of their own home. For children who regularly relocate, have SEND or mental health challenges, or training schedules which disrupt their school education, a flexible home schooling programme can be the perfect solution. Through positive one-to-one lessons, home school students can grow in confidence and thrive. 

Golden Circle students perform excellently in exams, and enjoy more success at leading schools and universities, but it is their personal growth which makes The Golden Circle community so rewarding to be a part of. As mentors, as well as educators, we offer teachers who guide students to develop key qualities such as courage, critical thinking, compassion, growth mindset and self-reflection. 

Over the last five years, The Golden Circle has built a team of in-house education experts. We support families to navigate school and university applications and admissions tests. Our consultants share their professional advice and insight to ensure the very best education for each child. 

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