The Big Cat Santuary

Smarden, Kent

The Wildlife Heritage Foundation, Big Cat Sanctuary (WHF) is a UK charity working to ensure that the Big Cats of the World are protected from extinction and is home to some of the World’s most endangered cat species.

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The Big Cat Santuary

WHF is a 38 acre site housing over 50 cats, from the smallest in the World – the Rusty Spotted cat to the largest in the World the Amur Tiger to the most endangered in the World, the Amur Leopard – set in the heart of the countryside in Smarden in Kent.

WHF is not open to the public you can book exclusive Big Cat Experiences including Big Cat Encounters, Ranger Days, Photographic Workshops and Big Cat adoptions as well as the Overnight Big Cat Safari. By booking an experience you can support important conservation work and know that the funds raised help with improving the lives of the Big Cats in their care and projects – at WHF and around the globe.

WHF promotes and funds field conservation projects, provides a research base for people interested in the study of big cats in captivity and delivers an education programme that promotes the importance of bio-diversity and the role of the top predators to all visitors.  We are also developing the centre as a wildlife haven for UK native species, we are a member of EAZA and also the EEP (European Endangered Species Programme) working to save the World’s endangered Big Cats from extinction.


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