Raise & Replenish

Our delicious plant based lattes developed to help you up your goodness game & support your body and mind in one sip.

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Raise & Replenish


How are we supposed to find the energy to look after ourselves and get sh!t done?

We want to feel good, but a 19-step lotion, potion and pill regime is too much.

We want an energy boost, but without the caffeine jitters.


Our delicious plant based lattes developed to help you up your goodness game & support your body and mind in one sip.

From this day forth, getting your energy and nutrient fix will be simple, tasty, stress and jitter-free.

Our Products

Plug me in

Low Battery Sip For A Super Charge

Want a mind and body energy boost, but don’t like the jittery side effects of those espresso shots? BOOM! This is what you’ve been looking for! We’ve poured in pure matcha for slow releasing caffeine and L-theanine for a calming focus that forgoes the jitters. Add a little lemon balm and siberian ginseng for extra stress reduction and zap! We’ve created a formula that both recharges your battery and keeps you calm so you can carry on.

I Woke up like this

A Pink Brew For The Early Morning Crew

Not a morning person? Nope, us neither. Which is why we created this energising blend that will get you bouncing out of bed. With beetroot opening up the blood vessels to get nutrients flowing around the body, cordyceps aka the “mushroom of energy”, MCT oil powder power and lemon juice extract to cleanse the liver, you’ll quickly become that smug person that no longer presses snooze.

Thirst Aid Kit

Recover And Revive From The Inside

Worn out from a workout, sat on the side-lines or feeling run down? This is a recovery remedy that your body will relish. With turmeric and reishi’s amazing anti-inflammatory properties, shitake to balance your immune system, and our black seed wonder ingredient in there to fight inflammation, high cholesterol, high blood sugar and so much more, this is a blend that gets you back to best, fast.

That Glow Tho

The Skin Deep Beauty Treat

Hello beautiful! Yep, you’d better get used to compliments because the results of this blue
beautifying blend will have them pouring in. Brightening your complexion and adding volume from within is the protein-rich, natural collagen building properties of blue spirulina, blue pea flower powder, MSM and Vitamin E. We’ve popped in potent antioxidant, anti- aging properties through white tea extract, bucket loads of vitamin c boosters, nettle and dandelion for strong hair, and the ultimate beauty tonic itself: chaga mushroom.

Catch some Zen

Sip Away When You’re Done With The Day

Busy, stressful days, social snooping, boxset binging or over thinking stopping you from getting a good night’s sleep? When you need a little help winding down, reach for this cup of calm. This smooth, sweet cacao blend, with its sleep- inducing dose of nutmeg, melatonin filled Montmorency cherry, gluten free oat extract, magnesium citrate and ashwaganda, is the perfect sleepy treat.


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