Founded in 2016 by Paul McCabe, Pulseroll was started with a clear vision: to make professional level percussive massage therapy accessible and affordable to all.

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We want to play our part in creating happier, healthier societies and help people do more of what they LOVE to do!  From Olympic athletes, yogi’s, office workers, the elderly to ordinary people recovering from injury. Our massage guns and our range of scientifically proven products bring the unique benefits of percussive vibration therapy to everyone.

Over the years, we have followed the science and listened to the experts to help develop our products, and by working tirelessly to make pro-level advanced recovery more affordable, since launching in 2016 we have fast become the Best of British in regards to wellness tech products. 

Pulseroll is stocked by leading British retailers and is available in more than 20 countries around the world.


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