Nuriss Skincare and Wellness Clinic

“Nuriss is truly unique in its approach. we are a doctor-led clinic, combining medicine with nutrition & skincare, focussing on a full 360 wellness approach” 

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Nuriss Skincare and Wellness Clinic

Nuriss Skincare and Wellness Clinic is led by Clinical Director Dr.Anita Sturnham. With over 20 years of medical experience, Dr.Anita is known for her meticulous attention to detail and her empathetic approach. 

Her specialist interests lie in natural rejuvenation techniques combined with a holistic approach to skin health.

Dr Anita and her team of specialists in medicine, dermatology and nutrition are dedicated to helping you look and feel the best version of yourself. 

Your Nuriss journey starts with a detailed focus with one of our expert practitioners who specialise in our integrated approach, with a series of tests and thorough analysis, we will then be able to build a bespoke plan, tailored to your specific skin, body, wellness and health concerns, all aimed at achieving your desired goals.

Every plan is dependent on the person and what they want to achieve – but our attention to detail, dedication and aftercare remains constant. 

You can rely on Dr Anita and her team to work with you, doing everything we can to make ‘your perfect’ possible.

Our range of treatments are designed to provide your skin and body with everything they need to reach optimum health, as part of our integrated approach.

All our treatments have been designed to support your internal health at the same time as looking after your skin externally, for optimum results.

You let us know how you want to look and feel, then we will help you to get there. 


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