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Land of Décor delivers premium furniture for rental or purchase purposes. 

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Land of Decor

Inspired by 20 years of combined experience in the property development and football sector, Land of Décor identified a niche in the market, providing brand new affordable luxury rental furniture. Our rental service is so unique because we never rent second hand furniture. We provide convenience and efficiency and have pioneered the concept of speedy delivery, assembly and installation of rental or purchased products giving our customers various options to suit their personal needs.

Land of Décor believe discretion is paramount and our clients appreciate how we conduct our business with precision, quality, care and most importantly confidentiality. Luxury furniture does not have to be out of your budget – our design concepts range from moderately affordable to the ultra-luxurious without compromising style and quality. 

Whether you need just a sofa or your entire home furnished from scratch, we can tailor a rental or purchase furniture solution to your exact needs. Our mission is to create an elevated experience in and around your home, however temporary or permanent your time in the property maybe. 

Land of Décor work with premium furniture manufacturers to ensure they deliver quality luxury furniture and the flexibility to match our client’s lifestyle. We offer a highly personalised and friendly service with the focus on ensuring every client’s needs are encapsulated in the furniture chosen and installed. 

Our ultimate mission is to provide a service of convenience by managing the process from start to finish which allows our client to simply enjoy their property.


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