Kurami is a London-based, premium meal delivery service with a unique focus on gut health.

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Kurami is a London-based, premium meal delivery service with a unique focus on gut health. All of our meals are nutritionist approved and chef crafted, to ensure you receive deliciously nutritious meals right at your doorstep. We focus on balance, simplicity, quality and style, and a profound understanding of the transformation potential that food has in our lives. 

 Each meal path that leaves our kitchen is packed with everything that you need for the day, bursting with fibre, nutrient rich foods and colourful and varied fruits and vegetables. We supply your breakfast, lunch & dinner, alongside snacks and drinks; all delivered in fully recyclable packaging, ready to heat or eat. 

Simply select from our calorie controlled (1400kcal daily), signature (1600kcal daily), signature+ (2000kcal daily). In all of our paths you will find balanced macros, which will support you in your wellness journey. Unlike other meal path services, our dishes have been carefully designed and approved by our dedicated nutritionist, contain zero preservatives, and we do not use ingredients that contain dairy or gluten. With standard, vegetarian, vegan and pescatarian options available, our menus are bursting with flavour to suit every taste bud. 

With a surprising amount of UK adults eating well under the recommended 30+ plant varieties weekly & 30g of fibre per day, each of our products has been designed to nurture and nourish your gut microbiome by hitting and surpassing those nutrition milestones.
When you feed your body with meals Kurami’s, you support your skin, mental health, serotonin, digestion, bone health, immunity, healthy ageing and somuch more. We do the hard work for you, so sit back, relax, and prepare to feel beauty from within. Are you ready to start your journey to wellness?


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