Hunza G

Hunza G was originally born in 1984, known then only as Hunza under the direction of Peter Meadows who created its signature, unique crinkle-stretch fabrication and high-cut leggy designs.


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Hunza G

Hunza became instantly recognisable in the 90s after being worn by Julia Roberts in the blockbuster hit Pretty Woman – yes, that blue and white cut-out mini dress, naturally in its Original Crinkle™ fabric In 2015, Hunza added the G when Georgiana Huddart relaunched the brand and became creative director after having an obsession with the fabrics throughout her 20’s.
“The vision for Hunza G has been to make women feel amazing in swimwear, which is often a time when they feel most vulnerable,” explains Huddart. “I could see the potential of this heritage brand and how we could make it diverse and inclusive – but also aspirational – making a product that would appeal to a really broad mix of women and serve all different body types.”ation.
With modern nostalgia at its core, Hunza G has grown to become an iconic brand synonymous with the sunshine. Its 80s roots bringing a cool and contemporary twist to beachwear in powerful hues. With a One Size Fit mantra made possible by figure flattering fabric that flexes to sculpt and support all shapes, the secret to Hunza G is to wear it how you want to.
Hunza G’s one size stance is not only an effort to remain an inclusive brand, but also reduces the risk of over-purchased sizing on a commercial level. Ethical and comfortable, each piece will see you through a lifetime and all that it brings – pre, during, and post pregnancy – as well as any other life changes your body goes through. Hunza G places emphasis on timeless pieces that hold the same value today as they will in the future. If looked after carefully, they can be passed down through the generations.


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