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So as an extremely busy professional, how do you go about ensuring your security is effective?

How do you know it will keep you and your family safe?

How do you navigate the minefield of so-called security professionals, who all say their solution is the panacea?

  • ‘What you need is CCTV’
  • ‘The only way to keep yourself safe is to employ ex-military security personnel’
  • ‘You must have a safe room’
  • ‘You must have a ‘protection’ dog’

The fact is there is no single solution to security. The key is to understand what measures are necessary and how they should be layered and co-ordinated so you, your family and your property become too difficult to take on. Likewise, every individual and every lifestyle is different and as such every security infrastructure needs to be different; tailored to the needs and lifestyle of the individual. There should never be a one-size-fits-all standard.

Life is also dynamic and so therefore are the risks. Security is not something you do once. Instead, it is a process of constant evaluation of likely threats and vulnerabilities. This may sound overwhelming, but help is at hand.

We are Harrier Global – a lifestyle security consultancy working with high profile and high net worth individuals. Our job is not only to keep our clients safe, but to ensure they feel safe. Our ethos is anchored by proportionality, ensuring our clients do not feel they live in a prison constantly under surveillance.

The company is run by two retired Police Detectives who between them have over 65 years’ experience tackling serious crime and terrorism at both strategic and operational levels. They benefit from decades working on covert operations against organised criminals, both in the UK and abroad and understand not only how criminals behave, but as importantly, how they think.

This unique insight allows them to notionally target clients as a sophisticated criminal might, to understand where they are vulnerable. Working with security partners, they then design a bespoke security infrastructure that plugs these gaps, ensuring all measures remain necessary but not excessive.

The infamous bank robber Willie Sutton said he robbed banks because that was where the money was kept – a simple reminder of why affluent people become victims of crime. It is a sad reality that if you are perceived to be of high net worth, there is a greater risk of you being targeted by criminals. If you are perceived to be of high net worth and also high profile, then the predictability of your movements may add to the problem. Whilst high net worth and high profile individuals can become victims of opportunists, they are more likely to be targeted by sophisticated career criminals.

You no longer have to deal with these concerns alone. Allow Harrier Global as experts in this field, to guide and help you. Whether physical, technical or occasionally human assets, whether required permanently or temporarily, we can work with you to ensure the right measures are in place to deter or detect criminal threats against you before they become a reality.


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