Dental Excellence


Dental Excellence is the only Smile Makeover Centre of its kind in the United Kingdom. By combining cutting edge digital dentistry with our brand new bespoke luxury facility in Liverpool, we have created a unique environment that is the future for modern Dentistry.

Dental Excellence

Focused solely on the quality of our patient journey, we have brought together the best technology, the best specialists and the best client services to ensure your Dental Excellence experience is first class. We want our patients’ journey to be as flawless as their new smile!

With our onsite laboratory and team of experts, we can provide all dental services at our Smile Makeover Centre in a fast and efficient manner. No waiting for root canal referrals or having to travel to a different facility for dental implants.

As part of our complete smile makeover solution, we provide a range of facial aesthetic treatments. Building on your natural beauty, some subtle enhancements can enrich your new smile, and give you an unparalleled smile makeover! For patients wanting a full transformation our facial experts and dental specialists work together to design and deliver your dream look.

Limelight clients get exclusive access to Dr Robbie Hughes, who is a trailblazer within the dental industry. Not content to follow the pack, he has his own vision of what Dental Excellence means, and has delivered it with panache.

Robbie believes you can have substance and style, so he combines his first-class education and experience with his bold and intrepid approach. Early in his career Robbie had big dreams to modernise dentistry and the Smile Makeover Centre is only the beginning of his dental revolution.

Our services are fully comprehensive covering all areas of dentistry. We have combined our most popular cosmetic treatments into bespoke packages which deliver efficiency, predictability and exceptional quality.


Members please book through your PA to receive your exclusive benefits.


- Free Smile Makeover Consultation.

- 20% Discount on all Treatments.

- Exclusive access to Dental Excellence UK Client Care Manager.

- Personal access to Dr Robbie Hughes.

- Guaranteed emergency appointment within 24 hours.

- Out of hours access upon request.

- Private VIP waiting area.

- Travel and social arrangements upon request.


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