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Baumara Active

A luxury boutique sportswear label with a perfect blend of function and fashion.

Baumara Active was founded in 2019. With headquarters in London, founders Karmen, who has been a Personal Trainer over 10 years, and Michael, who has a marketing and PR background, endeavoured to find the highest quality fabric with the best compression for gym leggings. What we ended up with is the perfect legging, for both rigorous exercise, and day to day functionality. 

We want our activewear to provide the highest level of comfort for the wearer, so each garment is tested by Karmen through the design process. Being passionate about our product we never compromise in the style and quality of every piece we make. 

All garments are made in Portugal and fabrics sourced from Italy. Our goal is to focus quality over quantity throughout all aspects of our business.We choose our manufacturers to ensure long-standing partnerships and selecting based on years of expertise in the luxury fashion world. 

Sustainability and social responsibility

Ethically made in Portugal. We are committed to working with partners who produce high quality styles that perform, while minimising fabric and  material waste. We are fans of mindful consumption, so every garment is constructed to last. 

By drop shipping from Portugal, we are reducing our potential carbon footprint.

Only the highest quality fabrics are used, and we select sustainable options where possible. All of our packaging is recycled and compostable. 

We want you to feel confident that your activewear has been produced under acceptable conditions. We seek factories that are transparent, safe and fair, and able to produce our products to the highest standards.


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