Aura Soul 

Aura Soul London, a stylish, on-trend capsule clothing line designed with the whole family in mind.

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Aura Soul 

Life as a parent is busy – really busy. There’s so much running around, so much responsibility: even just getting your child dressed in the morning can feel like a job in and of itself – let alone working out what you are going to wear. At least that’s how best friends Louisa Lytton and Cartier Fraser felt when their little ones came along. 

So the duo decided to do something about it. After months of research, planning, design, and development, they launched their very own solution: Aura Soul London, a stylish, on-trend capsule clothing line designed with the whole family in mind. 

Named after their children, the London-based brand spans a collection of easy to put together, high-quality tonal pieces. With a range of minimal mix and match unisex pieces and layering solutions, every item is available in both kids and adult sizes, enabling families to effortlessly step out in seamless sync with one another, all while embracing their own unique individual styles.

“There’s so many amazing kids clothing options out there, but Cartier and I felt like we needed a simplified option: a capsule wardrobe that would make parental life easier whilst still feeling stylish – and, talking to our friends, it seemed like we weren’t the only ones. Then it just clicked. We thought – why not design our own?” – Louisa Lytton, actress and Aura Soul London co-founder

Keen to steer clear of a fast fashion approach, the brand’s debut collection presents families with a selection of timeless staples they can return to time and time again. In a neutral, warm palette suited to a variety of skin tones, the collection can be dressed up or down to suit every occasion. From sitting in the sandpit and running round the supermarket to kids birthday parties and child-free date nights, there’s something for all the family – and the premium materiality is set to last a lifetime. 

The debut collection is shoppable direct on the Aura Soul website, and includes a selection of tonal two-pieces, dungarees, shirts, and jackets – all available in kids, mens and womens sizes with new pieces launching soon.


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