Launched in Harvey Nichols in October 2019, Apothem was born from a belief in the restorative nature of CBD which is found in the hemp plant.

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Our collection of hemp derived Cannabidiol (CBD) products blend the very best quality CBD with handpicked botanicals to create functional and effective formulas that unlock the full potential of CBD. The way we do it is through botanical synergy; meaning everything in our formulas is there for a reason and designed to work in harmony with each other.

From ORAL DROPS to BODYCARE, each product has been lovingly designed to fit around busy modern lifestyles to encourage you to take moments for yourself every day.

Our products are totally THC free. We only use organically cultivated hemp and we are proud to be vegan, cruelty, gluten and sulphate free with no heavy metals and pesticides.

In February this year, we collaborated with The Four Seasons Ten Trinity Square Spa to create an exclusive CBD Detoxifying massage treatment.  

About CBD 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid; a naturally occurring chemical found in most cannabis plants. It’s one of at least 130 cannabinoids that scientists have discovered so far. Each cannabinoid interacts with the human body to produce certain effects. Some effects overlap between cannabinoids, but others are unique to certain ones.

It wasn’t until the early 90’s that Scientists discovered we have receptors in the brain called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), regulating the function of the brain, hormones and our body clocks. The ECS occurs throughout the body and receptors at the end of our nerves respond to CBD compounds and other cannabinoids found in Hemp to change the way our cells talk to each other, affecting various bodily functions and behaviours including the production of calming and balancing effects. 

CBD is non-psychtropic (meaning it doesn’t change your state of mind)  and can be taken or applied to encourage a wide range of benefits, from helping you to relax, unwind and find some calm to restoring your balance and improving sleep.

The Apothem Product Line 


DAY, 15ml – 1500mg CBD £85 | 60ml – 6000mg CBD £230
Formulated with the highest quality of organically cultivated Cannabidiol (CBD) and organic MCT oil to create a fast absorbing natural tasting formulation.  When incorporated as part of your daily routine, our DAY oral drops help you to bring a sense of restored calm to your everyday.

LIGHTS OUT, 10ml – 1000mg CBD £75 | 30ml – 3000mg CBD £170
Redefine your bedtime routine with our LIGHTS OUT oral drops. Formulated with hemp-CBD blended with calming Chamomile, soothing L-Theanine, relieving lemon balm and regulating 5-HTP botanicals make these drops an essential part of your evening ritual.

DEFENCE, 10ml – 1000mg CBD £75 | 30ml – 3000mg CBD £170
Give yourself a helping hand with our DEFENCE oral drops. Formulated with hemp-CBD, boosting Shiitake mushroom, antioxidant Ginger, supporting Echinacea, antibiotic Goldenseal and antimicrobial Olive leaf to get you through those exhausting days and alleviate that feeble feeling.


MULTI, 15ml – 100mg CBD £15 | 60ml – 400mg CBD £40
A hydrating, multi-use face and body balm formulated to soften and soothe all skin types. Formulated with hemp-CBD, antioxidant Green Tea, skin softening Mango Butter and moisturizing hemp seed oil to cosset areas of sensitivity and irritation.

RECHARGE, 25ml – 200mg CBD £20 | 100ml – 800mg CBD £55
A light cooling cream-gel, to soothe and help relieve everyday tension and aches. Formulated with the highest quality of organically cultivated Cannabidiol (CBD) and botanicals with soothing Magnesium, repairing Arnica and antioxidant rich Green Tea botanicals blended with Menthol for a fresh, cooling effect that eases discomfort.

UNPLUG, 250g – 2500mg CBD £65
Pure CBD bath salts enriched with active botanicals and minerals, including Arnica and Magnesium. This indulgent triple salt blend is the perfect way to unwind and soothe weary bodies after a long day, turning every tub into a soothing sanctuary.

SCULPT, 100ml – 8,000mg CBD £290
An invigorating and uplifting body oil to soothe and soften lacklustre skin. Formulated with hemp-CBD, moisturizing hemp seed oil, rejuvenating Blackcurrant seed oil, antioxidant Moringa oil and terpene rich anti-inflammatory Blue Tansy to give skin a glowing boost.


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