Hawkins & Brimble
British Grooming & Skincare

Hawkins & Brimble is the official Men’s Grooming & Skincare partner of Limelight, offering an exclusive 20% discount on the recommended retail price (RRP) on all our products on our website.

Founded in 2016, Hawkins & Brimble is a brand new British grooming brand that skilfully blends form and function. Epitomising cool Britannia, our grooming products are cut from a different cloth and tailored to complement the modern man’s lifestyle.
Expertly crafted in the UK and formulated with simple, natural ingredients, our approach to skincare yields unrivalled results. There are no weak spots – simple yet effective products that will deliver day in, day out. Hawkins & Brimble is more than just a collection of grooming essentials. We’ve revived traditional barber rituals that inspire pride in masculine traditions, so you can up your grooming game for good. Products include Beard Oil, Shaving Cream, Traditional Razor, Body Wash, Hair Matt Clay, Shampoo and more.

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