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Based in London and open 7 days a week, HealthClic offers fast, personal medical services with their team of experts.

Hollywood’s best kept secret is concierge medicine: discreet and around the clock medical care named “The Rolls Royce of Healthcare” by Forbes. It is now made its way across the Atlantic through HealthClic, who offer 7-day visiting doctors and preventative healthcare programmes. Any concerns? Pick up the phone and they’ll do the rest.

HealthClic’s Medical Director Dr Chaturvedi has over 30 years of experience, is a GP Trainer and is the Specialist GP Advisor to the Care Quality Commission. Dr Chaturvedi personally selects only the best doctors for his HealthClic team.
Taking it a step further, HealthClic patients have 1 point of contact. Each member is assigned a dedicated Healthcare Representative who co-ordinates all check-ups and appointments regardless of how busy your schedule is. They will even work with your PA to ensure your health is looked after proactively, and you will receive VIP treatment at private hospitals.
An annual check-up and genetic testing enables doctors to monitor your risk for cancer, heart disease and much more; in the 21st century the world of health is all about prevention.

HealthClic truly prides itself on bespoke packages for families and pregnant women, for whom the entire journey is organised from start to finish. Your check-ups are managed, and you may see a doctor 7 days a week; your pregnancy is taken care of. The approach to children mirrors the American offering of Well-Baby and Well-Child check-ups. This along with a comprehensive immunisation schedule ensures that your little ones are protected from the start.

Through their proactive approach, HealthClic support women through menopause, prevent osteoporosis and work to improve areas of concern. They can even tell you how sensitive you are to carbohydrates, fats and which exercise is most efficient – ensuring your life is lived with quality and efficiency.

Available seven days a week for you and your family, relax in the comfort of your own private space and maintain confidentiality… While they make it happen!

Preventative health plans for members can be fully bespoke, and all patients may benefit from:

• Annual full body scans followed by a detailed, personalised report
• Personal GP overlooking care
• 7-day house call doctors
• 24/7 prescription delivery
• Home blood tests/check-ups
• Fitness & nutrition unit
• Discreet psychological risk screening
• DEXA scanning for bone density, muscle mass and visceral fat
• Genetic testing

Key Information:

– 10% discount across memberships.

– Half price health plan consultation with Dr Chaturvedi.

– 15% off genome testing.

Telephone Number:
0203 713 4116

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