Zela London

Aldwych, WC2R

 ZELA is the acclaimed restaurant in the heart of London, serving a fusion of Mediterranean products and traditional Japanese cuisine techniques. 
It is a multifunctional restaurant with global expansion ambitions. The cuisine respects the traditional Japanese techniques while combining them with the best products that the Mediterranean has to offer.
Our amazing cocktail bar serves over 20 classic and vanguard cocktails. From our famed cocktail Coco Channel to a modern version with Japanese roots, we strive to infuse Mediterranean and Japanese flavors in perfect balance.
The multifaceted cuisine, combined with our tailored cocktails , our beautiful venue and the wonderful live performances, makes ZELA a unique place to eat, drink and entertain on special occasions or casual everyday affairs.

Key Information:

When booking through your PA you will receive

  • Priority bookings
  • 10% discount
  • Complimentary bubbles
  • Complimentary dessert
Telephone Number:
020 8089 3981

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