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THE VIEW Lugano Fine Dining and the TreCinqueZero terrace: exceptional locations offering one of a kind gastronomic experiences

In perfect harmony with the Planhotel group’s philosophy, the gastronomic experience of THE VIEW Lugano stands out for it’s variety and exclusivity. The cuisine, led by chef Mauro Grandi combines tradition, creativity and local products: a symphony of flavors and surprising details, enhanced by the prestigious location of THE VIEW Fine Dining and the TreCinqueZero terrace.

Haute Cuisine 

Chef Mauro Grandi creates seasonal menus, taking inspiration from his traditional training, which he evolves with interesting choices and combinations. Mediterranean influence meets with oriental inspiration, and modern techniques coexist with the most traditional. Much attention is given to the choice of ingredients, preferring seasonal and locally sourced products which respect the environment and are of the best quality: cereals, vegetables and cheeses, such as the Bouchon of the Muggio Valley and the many toma cheeses from the nearby mountain pastures. Simplicity and authenticity are essential values. Exceptional fish dishes include, sea bass, scallops, lobster, scampi and turbot, and meat dishes find their greatest inspiration in the local game meat, with dishes such as roast venison with hazelnuts, annurca apple and Calvados sauce and honey glazed supreme of lande Duck with orange and star anise.

The magic of the lake

The result is a one of a kind food experience, where the gastronomic journey is enhanced by the spectacular view. In the restaurant THE VIEW Fine Dining, the lake “enters” through the large windows of the restaurant, welcoming guests in a contemporary and refined space. During the summer, the view is even more extraordinary on the TreCinqueZero terrace, where in addition to Chef Mauro Grandi’s à la Carte Menu, one can enjoy the Pommery Club Menu, a Champagne collection of the best vintages, and a selection of delicious finger foods. A more informal international and versatile Bistro Menu is also available, and this can be enjoyed on the terrace or in the lounge, or in the complete privacy of your suite any time of day. In keeping with the continuous evolution of the hotel and with focus on a personalized experience, there is food related research and development taking place all the time, an example of which is the Ayurveda Menu, overseen by Chef Giacomo Gasparri.

The art of good drinking

Tradition and innovation are fundamental values where beverages are concerned as well. Sommelier Mario Miranda selects the wines and cocktails to be put on the list after careful research and quality control.

Local and visionary producers that operate in line with the group’s green philosophy are favored, maximum attention is given to new wave wines, little known Italian yellow wines and craft beers are chosen for their great pairing with gourmet dishes and a capsule collection of Signature Cocktails are created to satisfy guests wanting to discover and experiment.

Ode to hospitality: the importance of an unforgettable awakening

Breakfast is the summary of excellence, refinement and creativity: the maximum expression of hospitality at THE VIEW Lugano. The à la Carte menu offers the great classics, like Eggs Benedict and Florentine, and French toast with maple syrup, but there is no shortage of original and extraordinary ideas, designed for those “special days”. Try the Sautéed Scampi, or poached eggs made with the pulp of a whole lobster or Beluga Caviar accompanied by a selection of specially designed champagnes for the best way to wake up.

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