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Matt Lovell has worked at the top of elite sports for over 20+ years. As the lead nutritional clinician in performance teams across world cup winning, premiership, European title and world title teams and Olympic medallist athletes alike. Matt’s approachable, can do style of coaching means elites and normal folk alike can enjoy enhanced mental and physical well-being so they can perform at their very best.

Matt enjoys making people feel better and solving complex health and general performance issues.

Booking a coaching block with Matt mean you’ll be in safe hands to work out a way forwards. Matt started his professional nutrition career on Harley street specialising in female hormonal health, PCOS and endometriosis as well as a host of problems and issues people found no solution to through conventional methods. Alongside this he was helping sports professionals maximise their performance and be the best version of themselves.

It’s usual to run some tests, bloods, hormones and other things if necessary, to see inside what’s working well and what needs a boost. So, when booking a package, you’ll be referred for a detailed nutrition and health panel at a central London lab. These bloods can be arranged locally too via different routes.

Using this method and having a detailed chat, will give the right information from which your road map or plan of attack can be laid out. Then via close contact and updates you’ll be guided over a period of 2-3 months back towards better health. This process can continue if needed, but Matt’s method is based on maximising self-sufficiency as fast as possible. He likes to fix things, and then relies on referrals for future projects.

Matt runs a high end nutrition company called Amino Man Ltd and his performance consultancy Perform and Function Ltd is where you’ll get the personalised nutritional support.

It’s a perfect time now to get your lifestyle, health and nutrition on the best level you can.

Matt is offering 25% off all Amino Man products for Limelight members along with this if you book a 3 month support package the blood tests are discounted by 40-50% depending on the profile you need, for example the comprehensive initial blood screening retails at £735 – Limelight members can get this detailed test for £449.50 a saving of 38%….

Consultation packages start at £478.8 per month. Limelight members are currently invited to enjoy a 30% discount on normal consultancy fees £358 per month for a limited time only.

Consultations will likely be over zoom and so on in the current circumstances.

These blood tests are usually carried out at The Dr’s Laboratory in Central London. They cover a full range of essential nutrients, active B12, red cell folate, full iron profile, omega 3 to 6 ratio, red cell zinc, red cell magnesium, selenium, chromium, copper, manganese, Vitamin D – vital right now for immune health. Glucose handling, including fasting insulin and glucose, full blood count, cholesterol, thyroid function. Hormones can be added on at a similar discount. The lab can pretty much test for anything you can think of.

Key Information:

25% discount on all Amino Man products

3 month support packages discounted by 40-50%

30% discount on consultation packages for a limited time only.


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