Oliver Spencer

Oliver Spencer the brand is the vision of Oliver Spencer himself. Self-taught tailor and shopkeeper, Oliver’s eye is the starting point of everything we do.

Oliver has developed a considered approach to design, delivering collections that provide a complete, contemporary wardrobe for the modern, fashion-conscious man. His work celebrates individualism, creativity and London’s ever-evolving subcultures. Showing two collections a year at London Fashion Week: Mens, Oliver Spencer has built an international reputation for what GQ calls a ‘uniquely British take on relaxed style’.

Architectural lines and traditional construction influence the collection whilst delivering a modern fit, look and feel. The use of colour and texture are characteristics common to each and every garment; all stamped with Oliver’s exquisite craftsmanship. Using British fabrics and yarns which are sourced predominantly from UK mills, the collection is produced in some of the finest factories and workshops across Europe and the United Kingdom.

“For me, Oliver Spencer is about being yourself while being smart, being distinctive, being comfortable. I want to make clothes that you can adopt and inhabit. Clothes you can live in, clothes you can do things in.” — Oliver Spencer

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