The Tartan Blanket Co.


TBCo. is a creative Scottish lifestyle brand whose small team is dedicated to designing a range of wool blankets, picnic blankets, scarves and gift boxes that merge Scottish tradition and contemporary living, with a strong focus on aesthetic and the planet

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The Tartan Blanket Co.

As a positive impact company, 2% of each purchase is donated to humanitarian and environmental charities.Their ethos, colsie, comes from the old Scots word for “cosy” and embodies the act of slow living and making time for the people and things that soothe the soul.

Driven by finding a way to gift this concept, TBCo. offers a varied range of consciously designed wool textiles woven from sustainably sourced Recycled Wool, Lambswool, and Cashmere.

TBCo. was established in 2015 by a husband and wife duo and is in the design-hub of Edinburgh, Scotland.


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