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Celebrity Closet

Celebrity Closet is the UK’s online celebrity inspired boutique-clothing store and personal styling service.

Offering a select range of luxury designer clothing, accessories and home interiors, sourced by fashion experts, professional stylists, industry insiders and celebrity socialites, Celebrity Closet gives you access to the hottest trends available today, with the simple click of a button.

Complementary to their online store, Celebrity Closet offers a personal shopping and styling service to elevate your style from ordinary to extraordinary. Your own squad of personal shoppers and professional stylists are there to help you understand fashion in a way that suits you and your life style, no matter your body shape or wallet size.

With their insider connections in the celebrity styling industry and over two decades of industry experience, Celebrity Closet will revamp your wardrobe and share with you their expert style tips, ensuring you don’t miss a beat. They will teach you how to choose the perfect shapes for your body, make sense of the latest fashion trends, keep you ahead of the curve and steer you away from any fashion faux pas.

Appointments are held in either the privacy of your own home or at the Celebrity Closet HQ

Key Information:

When ordering through your PA you will receive

  • 20% discount
  • Free personal styling session


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